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Life Quote “Sixty million unborn children have died as a result of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions. However, through the right-to-life movement’s determination to protect mothers and their children, we continue to see evidence that our efforts to educate America about the unborn child’s humanity, and our efforts to enact protective pro-life legislation, are having a tremendous impact in moving our nation away from Roe’s and Doe’s deadly legacy.” Carol Tobias, president of National Right to Life 

Epiphany II – Life issues such as infertility, surprise pregnancy, or terminal diagnosis can loom like six stone jars (John 2:6). They remind us of our imperfections and our need for cleansing. As at Cana, Jesus still compassionately intervenes. He makes life issues speak instead the sweetness of His miraculous but mysterious salvation from the shadows of death. Let us delight to proclaim it lest the stones shame us by their crying out.

For those who have made an abortion decision, there is a Word of Hope, Lutherans For Life’s post-abortion healing ministry. Call 888.217.8679 or email


We Witness - Epiphany 2 - John 2:1-11: Jesus’ first miracle was done to meet a need: the wedding feast had run out of wine.  How has Jesus met a need of yours?  We all have a story to tell about how Jesus has and continues to meet our needs. Your own unique story can share Christ with someone and give witness to others about how Jesus meets their needs through His life, death, and resurrection.


Board of EldersMonday6:30 am

Prayer Outreach at Enchanted HillsThursday3:00 pm

Divine Servicewith Holy CommunionSunday9:30 am

Studies after Fellowship, all agesSunday11:00 am






The Divine Glory Is Manifested in the Signs of Christ

When Jesus turned water into wine at the wedding in Cana, it was “the first of his signs,” by which He “manifested his glory” (John 2:11). It pointed to His coming “hour,” when He was lifted up on the cross for the forgiveness of sins and the life of the world (John 2:4; 12:23–32). The glory of the cross is incomprehensible apart from the Word and Spirit of God, but disciples of Jesus recognize that glory in the signs of His Gospel, and so they believe in Him. Jesus does not wait for His disciples to discover Him on their own, but He seeks out the forsaken and the desolate and unites them to Himself. He adorns them with His own beautiful righteousness and delights in them “as the bridegroom rejoices over the bride (Is. 62:4–5). Purified by the washing of water with His Word in Holy Baptism, His disciples confess that Jesus is Lord, and they return thanks to Him “in the Holy Spirit” (1 Cor. 12:3) as they drink the good wine that He pours out for them, which is the new testament in His blood.


Point out that Jesus often used the word “Amen” in Scripture when He said things such as, “Truly, truly (literally, “Amen, amen”) I say to you…”  Encourage your children to be listening for and saying the word “Amen” at appropriate points in the service.  In what places do we hear “Amen” used?


What does the word “Amen” mean? You probably recognize this word from hearing or seeing it at the end of prayers.  Maybe you use it in your prayers every morning when you wake up and every night when you go to sleep.  Well, the word “Amen” is Hebrew for “certainly” or “truly”.  

Why do we use it?   God commands us to pray.  When we use the word “Amen” at the end of our prayers, we are letting God know that we truly believe that He will hear and answer all of our prayers just as He has promised!  What a great way to end a prayer!






Elder – Nate KlineOrganist – James Bartzsch

Altar Guild – Beth BeckerUshers – Nate Kline 
& Isaac Dachenhaus

Acolyte   Amanda WestCrucifer – Johnathon West

Liturgist – Sem. Jordan PeiserCounters –  Dale Dachenhaus &
   David Dachenhaus


Elder – John PankopOrganist – James Bartzsch

Altar Guild – Christy MowreyUshers – Nate Kline 
& Isaac Dachenhaus

Acolyte   Autumn WinegardenCrucifer – Evie Winegarden

Liturgist – Sem. Jordan PeiserCounters –  Dale Dachenhaus &
   David Dachenhaus


LWML will have a meeting and collect mites after service today.  All ladies of the congregation are welcome to attend any LWML event. Please contact Christy Mowrey (574-594-2971) with any questions

THE GRACIOUSNESS OF THE SAINTS AT SBTL:  Last Sunday’s free will offering for the family in Alaska needing food totaled $340.  The Lord works through His people!

Please accept my and Meg’s heartfelt thanks for your graciousness through the congregational Christmas gift we received - Pastor

THANK YOU! Many thanks for the gifts and for allowing me the privilege to serve at the console. Many thanks also for the dedication of our choir members and to Carmen Gierhan for being willing to substitute even at the last minute.Jim Bartzsch

Night to Shine, sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation, will be held the night of Friday February 8th from 6-9 pm at Warsaw Evangelical Presbyterian Church. Night to Shine is a prom like experience for those with diverse abilities and is made possible by volunteers. Volunteer roles range from being a buddy to a guest to doing coat checks. If you wish to volunteer please register at you have any questions please contact Steven Kuhn 574-265-8479.

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