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Life Quote “When you attend divine worship, remember only one thing is needful, attentiveness to Christ and His Word. He is Lord and Savior, and we live by every word that proceeds from His mouth. Over time, through hard times and good times—winter, spring, and summer—we will grow in Him. The season for fruit will come, a season of refreshment. But first comes the hard work of the patient vinedresser.” James M. Kushiner, The Fellowship of St. James

Pentecost VI – Carrying a surprise pregnancy to term brings troubles. Safeguarding marital sexuality can detract from attractiveness. Enduring chronic pain sometimes interferes with social acceptance. Speaking truth in love mayinterrupt a lucrative career. Still, the Gospel life with Christ gives far more than it deprives. Peace in forgiveness, comfort from faith, joy in fellowship, hope of heaven – His words and ways never deny us these needs (Luke 10:42).


For those who have made an abortion decision, there is a Word of Hope, Lutherans For Life’s post-abortion healing ministry. Call 888.217.8679 or email

We Witness – Luke 10:38-42: We, like Mary, grow as our Lord’s witnesses by “sitting at His feet” to be strengthened in our own faith.  As we grow in our faith, we become more and more confident in sharing the hope that is within us.  Because we have been nourished through the Word of God, we can become like one beggar telling another beggar where to find food.  Come and see; go and tell!


Council MeetingMonday6:00 pm

Divine Servicewith Holy CommunionSunday9:30 am

Studies after fellowship, all agesSunday11:00 am









The Word of Christ Is the One Thing Needed

“The Lord appeared to [Abraham] by the oaks of Mamre” (Gen. 18:1) and received his hospitality. But Abraham received the gracious promise of a son. Though Abraham and Sarah were very old, nothing is “too hard for the Lord (Gen. 18:14). His Word appointed the time and fulfilled the promise. In the same way, the Lord Jesus “entered a village” and received Martha’s hospitality (Luke 10:38). “Marthawas distracted with much serving” because she was “anxious and troubled about many things” (Luke 10:40–41), but her sister, Mary, “sat at the Lord’s feet and listened to his teaching” (Luke 10:39). The service of love is no sin, but “one thing is necessary” for both faith and love — the Word of Christ (Luke 10:42). Thus, the ministers of Christ are sent “to make the word of God fully known, the mystery hidden for ages and generations but now revealed to his saints” (Col. 1:25–26).


Before or after the Divine Service, allow your child to get a closer look at the different paraments in the sanctuary. (Remind them to be reverent in God’s holy places.)  Instruct them that the colors might be different on special days even though it is a certain season of the church year.  For example, we use red on Reformation Day – to celebrate the work of God’s Holy Spirit to return us to God’s Word alone, even though it is in the season of Pentecost, which is marked by green colors.


What is a “parament”?  A parament (pronounced PAIR – uh – ment) is a colored piece of cloth that hangs on important items we use in worship.  Can you find the altar?  When you find it, you see a colored piece of cloth hanging on it.  This parament is called a “frontal”.  Can you find the pulpit? You will see it has a parament too, the same color as the altar’s.  Do you see another piece of furniture in the front of the sanctuary that has a parament?  We call that furniture the lectern.  What color is its parament?

Why do we use paraments?  Paraments are used to honor God, teach the people, and to beautify God’s sanctuary.  The word parament comes from a Latin word meaning “to decorate or adorn.”  But these are not silent decorations. Each parament helps to proclaim the wonderful news of salvation through Jesus Christ!

The colors of the paraments change depending on the seasons of the church year.  During the season of Christmas, the paraments are white.  During Lent they are purple.  What color are they now?  Ask Pastor why they are the color they are today.  


Elder – Nate KlineOrganist – James Bartzsch

Altar Guild – Megan WinegardenUshers – Dale Dachenhaus &

          David Dachenhaus

Acolyte – Rhys SchmidtCrucifer – Parker Schmidt

Fellowship – Counters – Don Tatman & Tim Hamann


Elder – John PankopOrganist – James Bartzsch

Altar Guild – Sandra TatmanUshers – Dale Dachenhaus &

          David Dachenhaus

Acolyte  Autumn WinegardenCrucifer – Evie Winegarden

Fellowship – 25th AnniversaryCounters – Don Tatman & Tim Hamann


We welcome Rev Galen Drawbaugh this morning who will conduct service and teach the adult Bible study.

Flowers on the altar today are given to the GLORY OF GOD by Pam Mench in celebration of the life of Del Hayes.

LWML Notes.  Mites will be collected and there will also be a brief meeting after service next Sunday the 28th.

Pastor will be out of town through July 27.  Please contact an Elder should a need arise. Rev Dave Mommens of St John in Columbia City will cover SBTL for emergencies.

25th Anniversary Ice Cream Social will be held Sunday, July 28 after service in the Fellowship Hall. Come hungry!

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