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Life Quote - “Ascension Day, a holy day falling inconspicuously on a Thursday in May, is the conspicuous declaration that we are not left as orphans. In the same post-resurrection body that He invited Thomas to touch, Jesus invites us to full humanity even today. He ascended with a body, He shares in our humanity, extending His own body even now, promising to return for our own bodies. Christ is preparing a room for us, and we can know it is real because He himself is real.” Jill Carattini, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

Easter VI – Speaking and acting as Gospel-motivated voices for life sometimes meets with frustration and discouragement. Nevertheless, what we call our failures God calls His patience. The sanctity of life is not our project but His holy truth and will. The courageous and compassionate proclamation of it cannot fail to bring forth fruit, however small or slow (Acts 16:13-15). Take heart—He who has overcome theworld abides in this cause (John 16:33).


For those who have made an abortion decision, there is a Word of Hope, Lutherans For Life’s post-abortion healing ministry. Call 888.217.8679 or email


We Witness – John 16:23-33: The world is a hostile place for Christians, but Jesus tells us to have courage because He has overcome the world.  Because of our faith, we have peace even in the face of trial.  This peace and joy adds power to our witnessing.  Today’s peace in the face of trial may be the most encouraging Word someone may ever hear from you or see in you.


Parking Lot PourTuesday8:00 am

Youth Confirmand Exam by EldersWednesday6:30 pm

Prayer Outreach at Enchanted HillsThursday3:00 pm

Ascension Service with Holy CommunionThursday7:00 pm

Divine ServiceSunday9:30 am

Studies after fellowship, all agesSunday11:00 am



We Pray to the Father in Jesus’ Name

“In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world” (John 16:33). Jesus has opened the way to the Father so that “whatever you ask of the Father” in Jesus’ name, “he will give it to you” (John 16:23). We pray, therefore, in the confidence that we will be heard and answered, that our “joy may be full”(John 16:24). We pray because the Gospel has been preached to us and the Lord has opened our hearts to believe the Gospel (Acts 16:10, 14). We pray in the name of Jesus because we have been baptized into Him, as Lydia and her household were baptized (Acts 16:15). We have been healed, and we live and walk and pray in newness of life (John 5:8–9). For we stand upon the firm foundation “of the twelve apostles of the Lamb” (Rev. 21:14), and our temple is “the Lord God the Almighty and the Lamb” (Rev. 21:22).


Continue to remind your children that Christ will return, and that when He does, we will see Him in His glory.  Remind them that even though we can not see Him, He comes to us in His Word and Sacraments.


This Thursday is Ascension Day. What is Ascension Day? We know that Jesus rose from the dead on Easter morning, but you may be wondering what happened after that. Well, exactly forty days after Jesus rose from the dead, He ascended, or went up, into heaven. This happened right in front of His disciples. They were witnesses to this amazing event. Wow! What an awesome sight that must have been!  If you want to read about it, the first chapter of Acts will tell you what happened.  

Why is Ascension Day important? From the time He was born until the time He died, Jesus was in a state of humiliation; in other words, Jesus “lowered Himself” in order to become a man and live and die for the sins of the world.  After His death until now, Jesus has been in a state of exaltation, or “raised” in triumph and victory. When He rose from the dead and ascended into heaven, Jesus lives and rules over all creation– as our God with a glorified body!  When we remember His Ascension, we are comforted that our Judge knows what it is like to live with a body, that we too will have bodies at the resurrection, and we look forward in confidence to His return and we will live under Him in His glorious kingdom forever!


Elder – Nate KlineOrganist – James Bartzsch

Altar Guild –Christy MowreyUshers–Lukas Winegarden & Mike Berning

Acolyte – Parker SchmidtCrucifer – Rhys Schmidt

Fellowship –Bartzsch FamilyCounters – Dale Dachenhaus 
       & David Dachenhaus


Elder – James BartzschOrganist – James Bartzsch

Altar Guild – Beth BeckerUshers  Aaron Tatman and Don Tatman

Acolyte Tyler KuhnCrucifer – Joshua West

Fellowship –Counters – Pam Reed & Curtis Gierhan


Parking Lot.  Next section of the parking lot will be poured Tuesday morning, May 28th.  Let Jeff Becker know if you will be able to help.

Pastor will be out of town this Monday through Wednesday afternoon.  Please contact an Elder with any spiritual needs.

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