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Life Quote -  “Life is a gift not to be discarded. It can indeed make us weary when we do our work to proclaim life as valuable, and the world continues to abort babiesand write prescriptions for people to commit suicide and minimize the value of life in so many ways. Yet, it is encouraging to know we have the gift of prayer to use to strengthen us, knowing the God of life is always in front of us guiding our way, always behind us holding us up, and always beside us keeping us focused and on the right course.” Virginia Flo, Lutherans For Life regional director of Minnesota

Life Newsbytes - Operation Rescue’s annual survey of abortion facilities finds abortion facility numbers in the United States fell in 2018 to a historic low of 697. Last year, a total of 40 abortion facilities reportedly closed or stopped committing abortions. The decline continues a national trend indicating a 79 percent drop in the number of abortion facilities since 1991. Despite the reported closings in Operation Rescue’s latest survey, the group found a significant increase in the number of medication abortions that took place. This shift is seen in how abortions are done and how late into pregnancy abortionists are willing to do them. The survey finds the most significant trend shifts were related to surgical abortions: Surgical abortion facilities are slowly being replaced by clinics that offer abortion-inducing drugs that can only be used in the first trimester of pregnancy. There has been a dramatic reduction in the number of facilities that conduct abortions at 20-weeks gestation or more. The reasons for abortion facility closures were varied, including failure or refusal to comply with new state laws, a lack of an abortion provider, failure to comply with state regulations, and landlords unwilling to lease to abortion businesses. (Operation Rescue, 1/9/19; CLR LifeWire, 1/10/19)

Epiphany VI – Blessed are the pretty? Blessed are the popular, the prosperous, the powerful? The Author of Life does not evaluate according to productivity. Blessed are the poor (Luke 6:20ff.)! Blessed are the hungry, the weeping, the excluded and reviled ones among humankind! Blessed are the embryos, the elderly, and the incapacitated persons on account of the Son of Man who brings forth life where the world writes it off.

For those who have made an abortion decision, there is a Word of Hope, Lutherans For Life’s post-abortion healing ministry. Call 888.217.8679 or email info@word-of-hope.org

We Witness – Epiphany 6 - Luke 6:17-26:  Jesus preached and ministered to a great multitude of people in Luke 6, and He continues to do so today through His Word.  We, as His disciples, have been given the awesome task and responsibility to share His Word.  As we do, we can take joy and comfort in the power of His Word to create and strengthen faith in us and others.


Prayer Outreach at Enchanted HillsThursday3:00 pm

Divine Servicewith Holy CommunionSunday9:30 am

Studies after Fellowship, all agesSunday11:00 am

Board for WitnessSunday11:45 am


Christians Live by Faith in Christ and Rejoice 
in the Promise of His Resurrection

“Cursed is the man who trusts in man,” for all the strength of his flesh is like the grass that fades away (Jer. 17:5). The one who turns away from the Lord may have food and money and laugh for now, but he “shall mourn and weep” in the judgment (Luke 6:24–25). But “the man who trusts in the Lord is blessed with all that he needs, “like a tree planted by water.” When heat comes, he survives (Jer. 17:7–8). For the Lord has come in the flesh to heal the people of all their diseases, to cleanse their spirits with forgiveness, and to preach the Gospel of the kingdom of God to the poor (Luke 6:18–20). As all of this is by way of His cross, it is solely by faith in the promise of His resurrection that Christians “rejoice” and “leap for joy”(Luke 6:21–23). “If Christ has not been raised,” our faith is in vain and we are most to be pitied (1 Cor. 15:14–19). But, in fact, just as “Christ died for our sins,” so has He also “been raised from the dead” (1 Cor. 15:3, 20).


During the service, help your children to listen for times when the pastor says the name of the Holy Spirit.  Remind your children that the Holy Spirit is exactly where He promises to be – in God’s Word and Sacraments. 


Who is the Holy Spirit?  The Holy Spirit is the third person in the Holy Trinity, true God with the Father and the Son.  This means that we believe in one true God, but three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. From this we can see that the Holy Spirit is God, just as the Father is God and the Son is God.

What does the Holy Spirit do?  The Holy Spirit ‘sanctifies’ God’s people.  In other words, He “makes us holy” by giving us saving faith in Jesus as well as the strength to lead godly lives in His name.

Why is the Holy Spirit so important?  We need the Holy Spirit and what He has to give us because without Him, we are not able to believe in Jesus.  In 1 Corinthians 2:14, Paul writes: “The man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God, for they are foolish to him, and he cannot understand them.” The Holy Spirit calls us to faith through the Gospel and delivers the gracious gifts of salvation in God’s Word and Sacraments.








Elder – Nate KlineOrganist – James Bartzsch

Altar Guild – Pam MenchUshers – Scott Hetrick & James Mowrey

Acolyte  Johnathon West Crucifer – Amanda West

Liturgist – Sem. Jordan PeiserCounters – Curtis Gierhan & Pam Reed

Fellowship – The Mowreys


Elder – John PankopOrganist – James Bartzsch

Altar Guild – Pam MenchUshers – Scott Hetrick & James Mowrey

Acolyte   Evie WinegardenCrucifer – Autumn Winegarden

Liturgist – Sem. Jordan PeiserCounters – Curtis Gierhan & Pam Reed

Fellowship – Carmen Gierhan


Today we witness the baptism of Larry Peiser who will be baptized in the name of the Triune God.  


Any Board, auxiliary or group who is willing to host a preservice midweek Lent supper please see Pastor.  Dates we are looking for hosts are March 20, 27, April 3 and 10.  Donations received at the supper go to the designation of the host.


Fill Up The Food Pantry In February - Please help us restock our local food pantry this month.  A list of items used by the Pantry on a daily basis is on the Food Pantry collection table by the banner in the narthex.  Thank you for helping those in need in our community. - Mary Martha Society.


Alaska- what’s all the hubbub about and why now?  Many what ifs were talked about in voters last summer after the youth returned from Alaska.  In fact, a few members have maintained contact with the people of Ambler, Alaska, and our congregation has sent them Christmas and care packages.   Recently, contact was initiated with the support organization, Alaska Mission for Christ, just to see what the needs are in their outreach ministry and how we could coordinate with our efforts to witness in Alaska in the future.  Their response was urgent and somewhat overwhelming: they currently need teams now for this summer (3-5 members, adults, youth, or both, or your family).   They hoped SBTL would be sending a team this summer, primarily for VBS in the villages, but there are also volunteer work projects in the Anchorage area.   The church council met this past week to discuss the Alaska outreach and our participation.  Please keep this mission by Alaska Mission for Christ in your prayers.- Jon Mark, Director, Board for Witness.