Shepherd By The Lakes

Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

Our Mission

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“The Mission of Shepherd by the Lakes Lutheran Church, a congregation of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, is to promote the pure Gospel and Sacraments in accord with the Bible and the Lutheran Confessions in and near the northeast region of Kosciusko County and throughout the world, and to, create opportunities for ministering to our neighbors and for building up the Body of Christ in faith, word, and deed.”

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If you can’t attend Adult Sunday school class or Thursday study in person, send Pastor an email ( requesting the video Zoom link info and he can provide you with the link for future classes

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Please visit the Shepherd by the Lakes YouTube channel, click the subscribe button, click the bell icon, and set it to all so that you will be notified by email when the church starts live streaming and videos are uploaded to the channel.

Worship Materials for Sunday

January 10, 2021 # is 100013663

Home Worship DS IV Jan 10.doc
ANNOUNCEMENTS 01-10-2021.doc
Hymn 904.pdf
Image for Readings for Jan 10.docx
The Readings for Jan 10.docx
Hymn 407 pg 1.pdf
Hymn 407 pg 2.pdf
Hymn 611 pg 1.pdf
Hymn 611 pg 2.pdf
Hymn 547.pdf
Hymn 594 pg 1.pdf
Hymn 594 pg 2.pdf