Counseling Connections

through Shepherd by the Lakes


Cross Connections counseling service desires to assist pastors by providing Christ-centered care to their parishioners and neighbors.  It uses a referral process that is different from most counseling agencies. Prior to a person becoming a Cross Connections client, the client first meets with their pastor who, after prayerful consideration, makes a referral.

You do not need to be a member of Shepherd by the Lakes Lutheran Church.  However, the pastoral referral is a key component for pastoral care and is considered part of their process. A private meeting with Pastor Winegarden of Shepherd by the Lakes is your first step to assistance.

The next step is a meeting with one of their Professional Counselors for an assessment of your needs. Based on what is learned in that assessment, the Clinical Director will determine whether your needs would best be met in seeing a professional counselor or one of their lay counselors called Covenant Partners.

Counseling Sessions

Cross Connections is based in Ft Wayne; however, they conduct secure online counseling sessions also.  So you may desire to travel to their facility for your sessions, or you can hold them over your computer via teleconference in your home or you may use a system in a private room at our church.


Cross Connections fees are on their website as well as a list of the numerous health insurance plans and Medicaid they accept.  If you are serving on Active Duty in the  Military, as a Police Officer, Fire Fighter or EMS personnel, you and your immediate family (spouse and children) qualify for FREE Professional Christ-Centered Counseling at Cross Connections

Ready to Start Healing?

  Call the church at 574-528-6137 or email Pastor Winegarden at (phone calls and emails go straight to him).